PRINCE NANA won the first Battle Royal and a future North Eastern Title Match.

BRIAN XL defeated QUIET STORM’ via pin fall.

DANNY DEMANTO defeated EL GRINGO’ via pin fall.

JUDAS YOUNG defeated DAMIAN DRAGON’ via pin fall.

HOMICIDE defeated SLEDGE via Pin

KID KRUEL with Xtacee defeated JULIO DINERO with Miss Kara

BOBBY G defeated PRINCE NANA via Pin



Tag Team Title Tournament Round One:
The F.B.I. defeated The HIT SQUAD and SIMON DIAMOND & SWINGER with Dawn Marie
…. (Simon & Swinger eliminated The Hit Squad)
…. (Divine & Abunai eliminated the Backseat Boyz



Tag Team Title Tournament Finals:
JOEL & JOSE MAXIMO defeated The F.B.I. with an assist from Mikey Whipwreck to become the first ICW Tag Team Champions

World Title Ladder Match
LOW KI’ defeated XAVIER to become the undisputed World Champion

Detailed report:

“The Last Stand at The Elks Lodge”
By Joe DiLeo

Saturday Night June 30th 2001.

The show opened with ICW Commissioner, Harry Slash, walking with the aid of a cane due to a leg injury, giving a brief generalization of the show. Harry carried with him the ICW Tag-Team belts and the ICW World Heavyweight belt. He briefed over the upcoming tournament that would crown the first ever tag-team champions. He then said that there would be a legitimate. credible champion in ICW and mentioned that the Heavyweight Title would be hanging from the rafters later on tonight during the ladder match between Low Ki’ and Xavier and that no interference will be tolerated… a reference to ICW owner and leader of The Dynasty, Jac Sabboth.

After Harry Slash had left the ring, the Boogie Knights, Danny Drake and Mike Tobin, hit the ring and called out the Commissioner. Harry Slash offered the Boogie Knights the chance to be the ICW CO-Commissioners if they could defeat “Dastardly” Danny Doring and Roadkill later in the evening. There was a catch, though. Since Commissioner Slash was having trouble getting around because of his injury, if the Boogie Knights lost to Doring and Roadkill, they would become Harry’s “houseboys” or “Boogie Bitches.”

The opening contest was the first ever ICW Battle Royal. Competing in the Battle Royal were Tim Arson, Canadian Pit Dawg, Pappa Don, Kevin Matthews, Damian Dragon, Stryker, Psycho Sam, Prince Nana, Jimm Paine, Low Rider, Boogalou-Lu, Lil Syko, Judas Young and Tom Marquez. The winner of the match would receive a Northeastern Title shot at some point in the future. After eliminating the final two, Boogalou-Lu and Lil’ Syco, Prince Nana was declared the winner.

Next up was a match between Brian XL and, making his ICW debut, Quiet Storm. Quiet Storm showed some great mat and aerial moves and impressed many in the crowd, but in the end, Brian XL topped him with a dragonrana.

Danny DeManto, another young wrestler making his ICW debut, came out next to fight the returning El Gringo. El Gringo showed signs that his injury may not be healed 100% because after DeManto caught Gringo’s attempt at a cross body and powerslammed him, Gringo was crushed by a DeManto frogsplash and was pinned.
After his victory, DeManto grabbed the mic and said how he was sick of being Jac Sabboth’s guinea pig and that, if not for Harry Slash, he wouldn’t have gotten his shot in ICW. The Dynasty entered and while Jac Sabboth was talking to DeManto, Divine set up a table in the corner behind Danny. Sabboth then hit his “Sabboth Spear” smashing DeManto through the table. Enter “The Prodigy” Tom Marquez who stopped the Dynasty from inflicting further punishment on Danny.

Damian Dragon, fresh off his impressive victory against Pit Daug, was matched against Judas Young. Judas got his customary “Armbar” chant from the Elk’s Lodge faithful, but Damian controlled most of the match with his various arm-drags until the CIA, Tim Arson and Pit Dawg strolled down the aisle. Pit Dawg distracted the referee and Arson blasted Daemon allowing Judas Young to pick up the win.

The G Street Mafia made their way to the ring and Bobby G. chastised Harry Slash for not giving any title shots to the members of G. Street. The Commissioner serenaded G. Street with his own version of “The Addams Family” theme song as it pertained to the members of G Street. The Commissioner said that he was punishing G Street for their May 26th attack on Miss Kara and that they had to win two out of three matches tonight in order to ever be considered for any title shot again.

Sledge was up first for G. Street. Harry Slash called for Sledge’s opponent and out came The Hit Squad from the curtain. Sledge was prepared to face the Hit Squad as Homicide, Sledge’s real opponent hit the ring through the crowd. Homicide put the boots to Sledge and picked up the victory. G. Street was down 1-0.

Out came Julio Dinero accompanied by Miss Kara to take on Kid Kruel. As Dinero setup Kruel on the top rope, Xtacee hopped in the ring and hit a headscissor takeover on Julio. Miss Kara, taking a cue, climbed the ropes and nailed Kid Kruel with a top rope Karacanrana. The two women looked as if they were about to go at it, when both men pulled them away. The match continued and Kid Kruel got the victory putting G. Street at 1-1.

Kid Kruel awaited word from Harry Slash on who his next opponent would be, but Harry informed everybody that it wasn’t Kid Kruel who would wrestle the deciding match, it was Bobby G! And to face Bobby G. was the winner of the night’s earlier Battle Royal, Prince Nana! Nana had Bobby G. rocked, but Xtacee jumped up on the ring apron to distract him and Bobby was able to get a school boy roll-up while holding Nana’s tights for the win. G. Street is still in contention for title shots.

As ring announcer, Pete “Pee-Wee” Pappas prepared to announce the next match, former ECW ring announcer, Stephen DeAngelis came from the back to give a thank you the Elk’s Lodge faithful and a good-bye to the building. He also had an announcement. A car was being towed from outside the Elk’s Lodge. As he started reading the license plate number, Pee-Wee realized it was his car and he took off, never to be seen again.

DeAngelis took over the ring announcing duties, but the Boogie Knights interrupted him. Danny Drake said how they hate him and everything he stands for. DeAngelis countered by removing his ICW t-shirt to unveil an ECW t-shirt! DeAngelis said he had no doubt that the BK’s could kick his ass, but he thought they might have more trouble with the next guy, Danny Doring and Roadkill!

Drake and Tobin battled hard, but every time they looked like they were going to start something, they were flustered by Doring and Roadkill. Doring and Roadkill took the win after the Buggy Bang making Harry Slash’s “Boogie Bitches” clause take effect.
The next match featured Balls Mahoney going up against Crowbar. Balls hurt his back early on. After Crowbar seated Balls on a chair on the floor, Crowbar dove off the ring apron and delivered a punishing clothesline. The chair was crushed under Balls and was the cause of his injury. He continued to plug away as best he could, but in the end, Crowbar hit a sunset flip off the middle rope to gain the victory.

Then it was time to begin the Tag-Team Title Tournament. The first match featured The Hit Squad (Monsta Mack and Mafia), The Full Blooded Italians (Guido Maritato and Tony Mamaluke) with Dina DeVine and Simon Diamond and Swinger with Dawn Marie. Simon explained to the FBI that both he and Swinger were Italian and that “paisans” should stick together. The two teams immediately attacked the Hit Squad. Mafia looked to be injured after Tony Mamaluke hit a hurracanrana on him. The Boogie Knights then made their presence felt as they pummeled Mafia on the outside while Monsta Mack got hit with Simon and Swinger’s “Problem Solver”. Guido Maritato ran in and got the cover on Monsta Mack to narrow it down to the FBI and Simon and Swinger. Each team hit their trademark maneuvers, but after interference from Dina DeVine, Guido was able to hit the “Kiss of Death” on Simon and the FBI advanced to the finals.

The second semifinal tag match was between the Dynasty (Divine and Abunai), The Spanish Announce Team (Joel and Jose Maximo) and The Backseat Boyz (Trent Acid and Johnny Kashmere). Early in the match, Divine was able to surprise Johnny Kashmere with a school boy roll-up to get the pin and eliminate the Backseat Boyz. The Dynasty then gave everything they had, but in the end, while Abunai was rendered unconscious, Joel Maximo locked Divine in a modified surfboard while Jose Maximo pounded on him. Divine was forced to tap-out and the SAT advanced to the finals against the FBI.

The next contest featured the first and last graduates of ECW’s House of Hardcore, Chris Chetti and “The Prodigy” Tom Marquez. Marquez looked very impressive and remained undefeated in ICW by defeating Chetti. Tom Marquez then picked up the mic and said that even though he was undefeated in ICW, he still wasn’t getting any title shots. He said he’d have to align himself with the right people.

Minoru Fujita then came out for his match against Red. Keeping with the Japanese tradition, the ICW fans threw streamers into the ring, kind of. After a roll of streamers bounced off of Fujita’s leg, another one came in a smacked him right between the eyes. As Red made his entrance, Fujita picked up the streamers and whatever various papers had been thrown into the ring and started to pepper Red with them. Red proceeded to pin Fujita following a standing shooting star press.

As Red was celebrating his victory, The Dynasty came out and confronted him. The teamed on Red, beating him down until Tom Marquez came out to save Red. The Dynasty backed away and just as Red was thanking Marquez, Marquez hammered Red into the mat thereby aligning himself with The Dynasty. After seeing this, the SAT came running out to make the save, but shortly after, out came the FBI leading into…

The first ever ICW Tag-Team Title match. After a lot of back and forth action, which featured great displays of various mat and high-flying maneuvers, the FBI looked to have the match won. Tony Mamaluke climbed to the top rope until, out came MIKEY WHIPWRECK! Whipwreck, attired in a safari hat, carried a potted plant with him. He threw the plant at Mamaluke and Tony ended up straddling the ropes. This gave the SAT the chance they needed. Joel and Jose climbed the top-rope and delivered their Spanish Fly move on Tony Mamaluke. The got the pin and the win. The Spanish Announce Team became the first ever ICW Tag Team Champions.

During the break between matches, ring announcer Stephen DeAngelis explained to the crowd that the upcoming match would be the last to ever take place at the Elk’s Lodge. He asked the fans not just to cheer for the guys in the ring, but to cheer for every person who has ever stepped foot in the Elk’s Lodge from the wrestlers to the ticket salespeople to each and every fan. Such preceded the main event.

In the first ever ICW ladder match, Low-Ki battled Xavier in what was an all-time classic. The two traded high-impact moves and actually broke one of the two ladders while using it as a weapon. At one crucial moment, referee Billy Caputo was rendered unconscious and did not see Low-Ki grab belt from the rafters. After Low-Ki had snatched the belt he fell off the ladder and dropped it. The belt ended up under Xavier. As Caputo regained his wits, he saw Xavier with the belt and declared him the winner. As the fans booed, Ref Hanson ran out from the back to tell Caputo what really happened. The match was ordered to be restarted and the belt was placed back above the ladder. The two men continued to wage war until after the two ladders were placed side by side, they met at the top. Low-Ki was able to apply the “Dragon-Clutch” on Xavier as Xavier’s prone body lay across the two ladders. Low-Ki then reached up and pulled the belt down finally becoming the ICW World Heavyweight Champion. Your new champion, everybody, is Low Ki’.