CEO Jac Sabboth strips Red of the World Title on a technicality and gives the belt back to Xavier.

He also awards Joel Maximo’s belt to Divine

LOW RIDER defeated BRIAN XL via pin.

DANNY DRAKE & HOMICIDE defeated The BACKSEAT BOYZ via Pin. Homicide pinned Trent Acid

KID KRUEL defeated PSYCHO SAM via Pin

DAMIAN DRAGON defeated PIT DAWG via pin.

BOOGALOU-LU defeated STRYKER via Pin.

PRINCE NANA defeated JIMM PAINE via Pin.

SLEDGE defeated RICK FULLER via pin

TOM MARQUEZ defeated JUDAS YOUNG via pin

JOEL MAXIMO vs. RED: No Contest

North Eastern Title Match:
JOEL MAXIMO defeated North Eastern Champion DIVINE via pin. Joel Maximo regains the N. E. Title.

Da’ BALDIES defeated The HIT SQUAD via pin. Angel Pinned Mafia

LOW KI defeated ABUNAI via Pin

LOW KI’ defeated DIVINE via Pin

World Title Match
XAVIER defeated LOW KI via pin fall to retain the World Title.

Main Event